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Lucy - Shire Mare - ($4,000)
Lucy, Shire mareLucy, Shire mare
Lucy, Shire mareLucy, Shire mare

Above pictures taken 05/29/2011
For full size photos available upon request!

Registered Name: Chesterfield Lucy Lou
Barn Name: Lucy
Owner: Jean Baldridge
Breed: Shire
Gender: Mare
Color: Black with white socks and blaze
Foaling Date: Foaled April 4, 2001
Dam: Jenson Brownville's Jet
Sire: Mill House Murphy

The American Shire Horse Association (23160-M)

Lucy is a 12-year-old Shire. She is very willing and calm.  She responds well to cues and would be abut a level 3 in temperament. She was used in Dressage at one time, but we have been riding Lucy on trails. We have also used her for pony rides for kids when we have visitors. She is very willing and steady.  She leads, loads, ties, clips and picks up her feet and stands for the farrier. She has great ground manner.

Lucy has correct and balanced confirmation.  She stand 17.2 hands and weighs 1600 lbs.  She has four white stockings and a broad white blaze.  Her legs are well shaped and straight with a powerful rear end. She is up-to-date on her vaccination, including West Nile. She is on a 6-wk rotational worming schedule (last worming was March 30) and has had dental checks each year. We also used Lucy for breeding. She settle easily and carried well. She had her most recent foal in 2011. She produced beautiful foals with great temperaments.  She had three colts for us. 

You can view a video of Lucy being ridden here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Po23xJMbFQE&feature=youtu.be !

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