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Pine - Currently In Training - (SOLD)

10 yr Dun Registered QH Gelding, 15 hands Lot's of Training!!!
Registered Name: Just Another Pine

Pine is a registered 10 year old Dun Quarter Horse. Pine clips, bathes, trailers, ties, ground ties leads at liberty, rides at liberty, comes when called, lunges at liberty, bows and more!!!
Pine has been taught lots of ground work and work at liberty! He can even be lunged walk, trot and canter at liberty with another horse in the same circle! He will back, come and halt by voice. He also will bow on command from the ground or from the saddle. If you want to get on without stretching your leg up to the stirrup, just tell him to bow, step into the stirrup (about 12 inches from the ground) and then tell him "up" and he will lift you right up! He does many other things as well so give us a call and come see for yourself!

We are working on his video so that we can post it on you tube!
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