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Feeding Regime Offered by WW Training...

From Excerpts from Pat Coleby’s book “Natural Horse Care”
And My own personal experience of over 35 years


Kelp meal-feed grade - 2 Tbsp. daily per horse split between two feedings

Diatomaceous Earth-feed grade - 8 oz. daily per horse split between two feedings

Min. 98% Yellow Sulfur-feed grade - 1 Tbsp. daily per horse split between two feedings

Pulverized Dolomitic Lime-feed grade - 2 Tbsp. daily per horse split between two feedings

Acidified copper sulfate-feed grade - 1/2  tsp. 2x daily per horse

RAW apple cider vinegar - 2 Tbsp. daily per horse split between two feedings

 Whether you feed these minerals to horses, cattle or goats, the results are the same:  Great health!  The Dolomitic lime gives calcium for good bones and magnesium to calm the animal and helps navicular in horses.

Sulfur makes the body able to assimilate selenium and helps prevent worms and fungi as well as providing amino acids necessary to grow strong, healthy hair, horn and hoof. Diatomaceous earth provides many minerals silica among them, and is a mechanical wormer for the whole gastro-intestinal tract.

Kelp provides many minerals including selenium and boron (the boron also helps the body to assimilate the selenium).

Copper sulfate helps prevent worms and fungi, it is necessary for the making of red blood cells and is needed for the color pigment in hair, and it has many other benefits. Raw apple cider vinegar is a good source of potassium, balances the blood PH, helps make birthing much easier, helps prevent urinary calculi and helps navicular in horses.   This just brushes the surface.

This way of feeding does a lot more than I could write.  Talk about healthy animals…..if you feed this way, watch them bloom!  The horses will shine and dapple out!  And the animals will actually feel good and calm.  Give the minerals time to work, you might see results quickly, or it might take 6 weeks before a noticeable improvement is seen, but it works.    

Note:  Concerning picky horses….start slowly on the copper and sulfur, as they have a different taste that they might need a couple of days to get used to.  Some horses, especially those that aren’t spoiled with “candy” feeds, or if the horse is in real need of minerals, you can start out with the whole grain/mash/mineral mixture and they’ll eat it right up….their bodies need the healthy nutrients.  


We mix our own grain: 

1 - 5# bag of rye for every 50# of oat groats (Rye helps eliminate Phytate)

1 - 50# bag of oat groats,

 4 - 40# bags of non-gmo organic whole barley

1/8 cup Raw apple cider vinegar to every 5 Gal of soak water

We soak the grain for 8-10 hours with Raw apple cider vinegar in the soak water to make it more easily digestible, more nutritious as well as keeping the horses more hydrated.
 The raw apple cider vinegar in the soak water also helps in eliminating phytate, and helps unlock minerals and nutrients in the grains as well as providing a good source of potassium and enzymes.
We use whole barley because when it is rolled, the nutrients are all gone through all the processing.

(Note; for hard keepers we also sometimes add rice bran oil and/or non-gmo organic whole corn

For the Corn;
We soak it in water with 1 handful of rye grain for every quart of corn (rye produces Phytase which is necessary to eliminate phytate. Corn is high in Phytate and very low in phytase.)
And 1/8 of a cup of raw apple cider vinegar to every quart of corn. (the raw apple cider vinegar is also very helpful in eliminating Phytate and unlocking minerals)


Re-hydrated grass pellets, Wheat bran, Rye grain & Raw apple cider vinegar-

(grass pellets when soaked will swell to 2 – 3 times their size) We Soak the mash for 8 to 12 hours.
The ratio of grass pellets to bran is 3 parts un-soaked timothy grass pellets to 4 parts dry bran.

With the bran add;
 1 handful of rye grain for every quart of bran (rye produces Phytase which is necessary to eliminate phytate in the bran.)
1/8 of a cup of raw apple cider vinegar to every quart of bran.

When the grains and mash are soaked they are not only more digestible, but also help keep the horses hydrated.

   We mix by hand each horse’s feed: soaked grain, soaked mash and minerals and feed individually 2x daily.  

     An additional couple of benefit are: 
 1.  The droppings after a couple of months of feeding will break apart easily on the ground, decompose easily and thereby replenish the minerals back into the soil. 
2.  The fly population after a couple of months of feeding the minerals will be dramatically reduced, as the fly larvae that hatch in the manure will be exposed to the diatomaceous earth in it as well. 
We also used the natural fly predators on a monthly basis. When we were in Florida through the summer, we had no fungus on the horses and so little flies that the horses weren’t switching their tails in the fields.


The operators manual for the world (the Bible)

Pat Colebys, “Natural Horse Care” &

“Natural Goat Care”

We have personally reviewed the horse and goat books and Pat Coleby has done a very good job writing them, she does have other books as well.


Pet grade Celtic grey sea salt:
Salt & Grain Society  www.celtic-seasalt.com 1-800-867-7258

Redmond Natural Salt rocks - any good feed store
Min. 98% sulfur:
Amazon:  Look for 1pmproducts, he carries a better sulfur than Jolly German. the link for his sulfur is below;

Jolly German
www.JollyGerman.com carries sulfur as well. Ten pounds is $23.95  including shipping.

Acidified Copper Sulfate;
Jolly German has copper sulfate.  www.JollyGerman.com

Kelp meal:
Azure Standard:  Thorvin Kelp for animals, it's the best product and the best price....only serves Washington/Oregon.  If you are somewhere else, look up Thorvin kelp distributors in your area.

Whole Barley:
Scratch and Peck feed

Hulless Oat Groats;
Azure Standard – online store
Strotz Country Feed Store in Arlington, Wa. also carries hulless oat groats.

Non-gmo Whole Corn;
Scratch and Peck feeds -
Strotz country feed carries the corn from Scratch and Peck.

Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth:
Strotz Country Feed Store in Arlington, Wa. carries diatomaceous earth.

Pulverized Dolomitic Lime;
 (make sure it’s just pulverized lime, not man-made stuff and no chemicals added)
 www.JollyGerman.com  out of Colorado has EXCELLENT feed grade dolomite from lead free mines. 

Lowes lumber store carries GreenAcres Dolomitic Lime, it's a better price, but you have to put it through a screen to make sure it's powder without rocks.

Raw apple cider vinegar:
Azure Standard – online store

Fred Meyer’s in Monroe, Wa. In the Nutrition Center – 360-805-8100

Any health food store usually carries it by the gallon

Flicks natural fly spray;
By animal Legends

For a natural fly spray, we use Flick’s horse spray, it’s inexpensive, great for the skin/coat and we’ve used it for years with great success.  You can find the refill concentrate that will make a gallon of spray for around $30.00 at most tack stores, like State Line Tack, etc.   

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.   

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