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Services Offered by Wiggins Training...

Truffles Driven in Florida at Cypress Keep
WW Training at Emerald Glen Farm
Lesson with CJ Driving Red in Pinetop Arizona
Training Boarding Lessons
The Wigins & Alan Aulson at Continental Acres in Florida
Marathon Pairs Vehicle
Calendar Carriages Store

Wiggins Training offers many services including Horse Training, Boarding, Lessons, Clinics, Carriages, and Products.

Wiggins Training offers Horse Training:
Wiggins Training can train your horse to:
Be Driven,
Be Ridden,
Respond to Voice Commands,
Do Lateral Work,
Perform at Liberty,
Ground Tie,
Come at a gallop when you call or whistle,
Bow at your side or under saddle,
Lay Down at your side or under saddle,
Stop when you say whoa even in an emergency,

Wiggins Training offers Lessons:
Wiggins Training offers:
Driving Lessons (1 hour or more)
Riding Lessons (1 hour or more)
Ground Work Lessons (1/2 hour or more)
Custom Lessons & (1/2 hour or more)
Apprenticeships (Monthly, Work negotiable)

Wiggins Training offers Clinics:
Wiggins Training host's their own clinics and is willing when possible to:
Travel to other facilities for clinics
Supply multiple instructors and assistants if necessary
Supply demonstration horses

Wiggins Training offers Carriages:
Wiggins Training offers carriages for sale from 3 quality Polish manufacturers. Kutzmann, Glinkowski & Michalowski
We offer:
Marathon vehicles
Presentation Carriages

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